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Tucson Naturopathic Family Medicine

"Blending modern medical science with natural therapies to treat disease and restore health”


Are you looking for a new approach to your healthcare?

Dr. Michelle Thatcher is a Naturopathic family physician serving Tucson and Southern Arizona. She is delighted you have decided to join her and learn how you can improve your health and start on the path to preventing and treating health-related problems naturally.

Dr. Thatcher is committed to making your health her priority. She can serve as your primary care doctor and help coordinate any other specialty care you may require or she can serve as an adjunct physician as part of your heath care team.

***Currently accepting new teen and adult patients via telemedicine (video).

Naturopathic Physicians use natural therapies first to bring the patient to better health and remove the root cause of illness – not just cover the symptoms. We give the body what it needs to heal and remove those impediments to healing. We also empower the patient with education so that they may make good decisions to live a long and healthy life. Now more than ever people need safe, effective, natural solutions to their healthcare needs. Naturopathic Medical Doctors are specifically trained in this area.

Discover how Naturopathic Medicine can help you follow the natural path to health and vitality.